"...Dr. Carrington and I want you to get a better understanding of the effect that office appearance and efficiency have upon your potential success..."

Dental Office Concepts was written through the perspective of function and design. As a dentist working in the industry, and the head practitioner at Care Endodontics, PC, Dr. Carrington understands the unique needs of professionals and patients. This provides first-hand insight into all the aspects that go into running a successful practice each day. Bob Murphy is a professional dental design consultant and has owned and operated Designs From Space since 1986. During this time he has been involved in nearly 700 dental office projects.

This combined level of expertise and experience gives us the tools to deliver a superior guide to designing and building an efficient and beautiful dental office to boost growth and customer care.

National Dental Association


Practicing in Hartford, CT since 1994, Dr. Carrington is a specialist in Endodontics. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from St. Mary’s College and he received his D.D.S. from the University of California, Los Angeles. Dr. Carrington completed his Endodontic Residency Program at the University of Connecticut in 1987, and received a Master of Science degree. He then taught full time at UConn for three years as an Assistant Clinical Professor and since has been promoted to an Associate Clinical Professor.

Dr. Carrington is a member of the:

  • National Dental Association
  • Associate Clinical Professor at UConn School of Dental Medicine

In addition to his professional qualifications as a dentist, Dr. Carrington also has experience in designing and building his own dental practice. He opened his first practice in 1994, and during the thirteen years he stayed at this location, he learned some important things about how to design a successful dental office:

"Now I realize how imperative it is that your dental operatories and supporting spaces be designed exactly to your specific wants and needs, providing you with a stress-free living space. If you are going to live in a dental operatory for up to eight hours a day, you should be as comfortable as possible.”

In 2004, that dream became a reality, when Dr. Carrington hired (fellow author) Bob Murphy to help him redesign his dental office in a very large old house - built in 1905. Though the project had some challenges, Bob helped to guide the ship during the renovation process. Dr. Carrington hopes that providing this book, and describing the dental office creation in great detail, will allow his colleagues—dentists, both young and old—to avoid some of the same mistakes and drawbacks he encountered when planning and building a new dental office.


Bob learned dental office design from his father, Jim Murphy, who was a 50-year veteran of the dental industry.  Bob has managed retail dental supply stores, been a loan officer for a healthcare construction lender, been a dental equipment sales specialist,  operated an information technology company and owned a dental cabinetry manufacturing company.  He has been a guest speaker at Harvard, Columbia, NYU and UCONN dental schools as well as local dental societies and study groups.

"All too often, I witnessed projects being completed where the preparation for dental equipment was incorrect, where cabinetry did not fit the space, where office lighting was inappropriate and, after the fact, the dentist wished he or she had done things differently... the major problem seemed to be that there were too many disparate parties involved in most projects, each focused on a separate piece of the puzzle. The dentist usually was forced to be the construction supervisor of the new office while practicing dentistry at his old office. I concluded that most projects needed a coordinator who was familiar enough with all of the disciplines to supervise the entire process from determining the dental office space requirement to obtaining a certificate of occupancy.”

With this diverse background, Bob knew he could provide a special service - designing and building dental offices to remove the dentist's burden of trying to do it all on their own. Through his experience he could also complete projects at a lower cost. Bob recognized that success starts with creating the image of success. In summary, he learned the formula for creating successful dental facilities, and in the pages of this book, he will share his experiences and recommendations with you.

All too often

The full guide to designing and building a professional, highly functional, and inviting dental office - get it today in print or digital!

The full guide to designing and building a professional, highly functional, and inviting dental office - get it today in print or digital!


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